SHYFTinc is an influential and innovative technology company. Our mission is to distribute, develop, and integrate leading-edge solutions that transforms how you work. We deliver established and emerging automation and software products and services that make applications safer, more productive, and more profitable.

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Solutions that advance the mining production process.

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The SmartModule™ by FORTAI

Cost effective IOT and Edge Processing technology that drive Productivity Enhancement goals through complete automation of the Supply Chain.​
Can integrate with your existing infrastructure or containers to track, control and audit your material usage and movement

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Secure & Trackable Inventory Solution

SmartCubes™ ready to deploy and improve your inventory visibility. Constructed to suit your needs.

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Air Quality Monitoring System

HyLoENVIRO™ is an ambient air monitoring system that acquires and distributes real-time data to environmental and operational stakeholders. It delivers data rapidly from field locations providing instant feedback to current and ongoing production systems required to control emissions stemming from operations.

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Sanitization Chamber for PPE and Tools

The Sanitization Cube sanitizes personal protective equipment or other devices used by front-line and essential workers across a range of industries.

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Energy Management Solution

NRG1-ECO is an innovative mine-wide energy management solution that is configured to each mine’s unique requirements. It provides system control strategies that dramatically reduce a mine’s energy consumption while maximizing productivity, profitability and worker safety. NRG1-ECO analyzes air quality data and the location of mining personnel and vehicles, adjusting the ventilation accordingly in a fail-safe manner.

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Control Systems Division

ESA Approved Electrical Panels

The Control Systems division fabricates electrical panels for industrial applications. The ISO 9001:2015 certified fabrication shop is completely equipped to deliver quality ESA approved and fully documented QA verified panel. As Allen-Bradley and Schneider Electric system integrators, our team can build panels that integrate with client’s existing facilities.

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Research and Development

Innovative Solutions for Complex Problems

Our Research and Development team pride themselves on solving complex problems and innovating new technologies for the mining industry. We develop world-class solutions by understanding the client’s needs and the challenges they face. With expertise in custom software development, our team can produce innovative, leading-edge technology that meets our client’s business goals.

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Water Management Solution for Mines

RenixUIX™ is a breakthrough water maintenance solution, allowing mines to gain greater control of water usage, cost and risk.

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At SHYFTinc, we value the importance of creating strategic partnerships with companies who are advancing industry 4.0 processes.

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The SHYFTinc team is made up of talented, creative problem solvers, developers, and visionaries. A combination of strong client focus, industrial troubleshooting skills, and a drive to continuously improve safety, predictability, and profitability in mining makes our team tick. We are a growing company focused on recruiting and retaining top-calibre talent.

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