SHYFTinc is adapting workplace protocols to curb coronavirus and to protect the health of employees and clients.

SHYFTinc’s employees, partners, and clients have been rising to meet the challenges that the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has brought to families, homes, communities, and businesses.

In response to directions given by local, national, and global health and governmental authorities, we have adapted our workplace protocols.

On Monday, March 16, employees were asked to begin working online, from their homes, as soon as possible.

  • By Wednesday, March 18, all employees who are able to work from home are doing so. Our local manufacturing shop team members continue to fill orders, with increased cleaning and health protocols in place.
  • Employees doing essential work at client sites are following site protocols – they are also asked to reduce exposure to the virus by avoiding unnecessary contact and working from home, when possible.
  • Our product service and support teams are experienced with remote work, and we’re well-equipped to handle dynamic situations.

SHYFTinc’s work-from-home protocol will last indefinitely, until government health authorities offer direction that the virus is no longer a concern. Employees have been asked to leave home only for essential activities.

Leaders are organizing additional online team building, wellness, and professional collaboration opportunities to ensure there is still space to innovate, to challenge each other, and to enjoy the friendships and social atmosphere we appreciate with colleagues.

We will continue to operate so that we can support one another and help clients and community members through these unprecedented times.

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