Track and Monitor Environmental Data in Real-time

HyLoENVIRO™ is an ambient air monitoring system that offers a variety of options for acquiring and distributing data to various environmental and operational stakeholders. The HyLoENVIRO system delivers environmental data rapidly from various field locations providing instant feedback to current and ongoing production systems required to control emissions stemming from operations. HyLoENVIRO collects, processes, compiles, and stores data so that it is easily available for regulatory reports, public information websites, or daily operational reports.

Reliable Environmental Data, Creating Optimal Business Climates.

HyLoENVIRO’s high-quality real-time environmental data allows businesses to meet and demonstrate compliance with government regulations. HyLoENVIRO provides regulators and government bodies with the confidence that you are meeting or exceeding requirements. It allows companies to demonstrate to the public that they are respectful of the community and makes it easier for them to expand into new markets.

Weather Balloon Wireless Automated Launch System HyLoENVIRO Mobile Unit

An innovative solution for growing environmental concerns, the SHYFTinc Weather Balloon Wireless Automated Launch System allows users to remotely activate their weather balloon launching system through the use of custom software and a portable release system. The versatility of the system ensures unrestricted launches regardless of weather conditions. The robustness of the system provides unsurpassed reliability and continuity to the user’s monitoring and modelling activities.

  • Automated launch system
  • Hard cover carrying case
  • Software equipped for wireless remote launch
  • Digital data logging
HyLoENVIRO Mobile Unit

The SO2 mobile vehicle is occupied by a monitoring team and circulates the SO2 community network to collect additional data in order to corroborate the different data readings. The vehicle can also be dispatched when an exceedance is noted by an operator of an industrial facility. The vehicle then confirms or invalidates the station readings. The collected data is combined with the HyLoENVIRO data and stored for future comparison.


  • Completely mobile fully enclosed unit
  • Swappable instrumentationGPS coordinates logged with sensor readings