NRG1-ECO is an innovative mine-wide energy management solution.

It provides system control strategies that dramatically reduces energy consumption while maximizing productivity, profitability and worker safety. A staggering 60% of a mine’s electrical costs come from the energy required to circulate air. Most mine ventilation systems operate at peak capacity 100% of the time and require manual activation. Yet with NRG1-ECO ventilation management module, the system’s air flow is controlled in order to meet production activities and reduce energy costs.

Air Flow Option

NRG1-ECO analyzes air quality data and the location of mining personnel and vehicles, adjusting the ventilation accordingly in a fail-safe manner. The NRG1-ECO system is configured to each mine’s unique requirements and designed with an open architecture that allows system integration with mines’ existing or new equipment.

Dewatering Option

An additional 20% of a mine’s energy costs come from dewatering. NRG1-ECO automates the flow of dewatering systems, making sure the right pumps are working at the right rate, in the right places.

NRG1-ECO – Software Suite

NRG1-ECO Services communicate to the Intelligent Zone Controller (IZC), which is a state-of-the-art drag-and-drop control system powered by the revolutionary AutoGen technology. Historical data is stored to any number of desired sources (database, data historian, etc.).

Integration to existing mine software and systems is provided as a value added service. Web based interfaces clearly display NRG1-ECO data and users with appropriate credentials are able to adjust the control settings as needed.


SmartCubes work with the ADMMIT platform maintaining inventories and access to inventories, and providing an audit-able trail.

Levels of Control

Manual Real-Time — allows user manipulation of devices through a web interface.

Time of Day Scheduling — automatically adjusts devices at specific times of the day such as the start or end of a shift.

Event Based — devices will be stopped, started or adjusted based on an operational or programmed event.

Environmental — responds to environmental sensor networks inside the mine to maintain air quality within regulated parameters.

Tagging (Activity Based) — integrates with new or existing Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) to deliver the required air flow based on personnel or vehicle locations in the mine.



Mine-wide Integration

Software Customization

Remote installation services

Remote support and monitoring