Tag movement data to enhance underground safety

Instant, real-time information to quickly locate personnel, vehicles, and equipment within a mine. LOCATE offers a central site where personnel and asset location information can be displayed and viewed. The web-enabled, intuitive system assists with monitoring the evacuation of personnel and facilitates asset management by identifying their locations in the event of emergencies or operational procedures, such as daily blasts or health and safety training drills.


Improve mine management with air quality data

AQM is an ambient air monitoring system that offers a variety of options for acquiring and distributing data to various environmental and operational stakeholders. AQM collects, processes, compiles and stores data so that it is easily available for regulatory reports, public information websites or daily operational reports.

AutoGen IPnP™

Manage your devices with automated process control

Empowers SME’s to take control of their processes and devices by seamlessly integrating all equipment on a multi-vendor site. Following the initial setup of the control logic and interactions designed by automation specialists, you can take charge of setting up devices and managing their process through a simple drag-and-drop interface using Industrial-Plug-and-Play technology.


An innovative mine-wide energy management solution

A mine ventilation system usually operates at peak capacity 100 percent of the time. NRG1-ECO allows for the automatic adjustment of a mine’s ventilation system, providing air where and when it is needed. It provides system control strategies that dramatically reduce a mine’s energy consumption while maximizing productivity, profitability and worker safety.