With a world increasingly focused on environmental concerns, globally mining companies are seeing “License to Operate” as a top risk factor in doing business. Key among environmental concerns is water quality. The RenixUIX™ system is built to not only alleviate water quality concerns but to reduce operational costs as well.

Water Maintenance
The key advantage of the technology is in the design and control of the platform’s dynamic seals which are used to control the ion exchange resin and manage the liquids throughout the process. Renix proprietary technology is configured to control for specific applications, and advanced know-how for developing ion exchange process solutions for customer problems.
Uninterupted Ion Exchange
RenixUIX uses a well-established chemistry-based separation concept called ion exchange where polymer beads with functional groups capture targeted dissolved compounds from liquids. Ion Exchange is not an emerging technology but the Uninterrupted use of Ion Exchange within a Flow Sheet is an Emerging Application.
Selective and tuneable water quality maintenance
Selective Water Filtration
Tuneable Water Filtration

RenixUIX™ can be configured to filter water to recover metals or prepare water for reuse in the mine without the cost of pumping to the surface or the maintenance cost of tailings ponds.