SHYFTinc. eases digital transformation for mining clients.

If change was easy, and success guaranteed, mining executives would rush to adopt every bit (and byte) of money-saving technology. The industry initially adopted a cautious approach to digital transformation; that’s changing.

Leveraging digital disruptors like big data and artificial intelligence (AI), the path forward balances people, processes, and technology. “Disruption is the new normal,” said SHYFTinc. President, Trang Tran-Valade, explaining that the digital mine is displacing and replacing traditional technologies.

“The transition is not always as smooth as it could be. We think of ourselves as ‘disruption insurance.’ We help move companies and operations from disruption to production.”

Trang Tran-Valade, SHYFTinc. President

SHYFTinc. is an influential new player in the mining supply and service sector that’s supporting digital transformation in the industry through innovative products and services.

The company addresses real pain points and perceived obstacles that made mining executives reluctant to integrate new systems and technologies. The team is made up of engineers, automation and IT integration specialists, product developers, and designers who work closely with clients to help them achieve and exceed their goals.

SHYFTinc. launched in May 2018, but it has a rich heritage. CEO Marc Boudreau is also a co-founder of the Sudbury-based engineering firm, BESTECH (with Denis Pitre). Boudreau says SHYFTinc. supports the growing demand for successful integrated digital solutions, many of which were developed by BESTECH.

“When we founded BESTECH, Denis and I were a couple of engineers who started a company focused on innovation. We specialize in delivering innovative engineering services, and over the past 23 years, we also developed game-changing products,” Boudreau explained. Now, SHYFTinc. will market existing products, develop new ones, and offer implementation support services. BESTECH will remain focused on innovative engineering services. “The differentiation between SHYFTinc. and BESTECH will allow both companies to grow,” Boudreau said.

As digital mining zooms forward, SHYFT Inc. eases the disruption for clients by bringing market-ready, customizable, and leading-edge solutions.

Developers continually update its flagship NRG1-ECO energy management and mine ventilation control system. The latest add-ons will harness the power of big data, AI, and machine learning to predict energy peaks. Developing leading-edge tech is familiar territory for Boudreau. His team patented the original “industrial plug-and-play” technology, AutoGen IPnP.

Boudreau and Tran-Valade are also collaborating with international partners on a new system, ADMMIT. The name is an acronym that describes what it does: automated delivery of mine material and inventory technology. ADMMIT will integrate the latest tech, including autonomous vehicles, to optimize the mining value chain.

For Boudreau, a visionary, the timing is perfect:

We have always challenged the status quo. Now, mining companies are seeing results in their KPIs thanks to digital transformation.

With SHYFTinc. and ADMMIT, we’re partnering with clients and partners for exponential gains in efficiency, predictability, and safety. It’s exciting to make it all happen.

Marc Boudreau, SHYFTinc. CEO

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