SHYFTinc is investing in soft skill development for mining leaders at the upcoming MECA (Mining Engagement Conference for Advancement) Symposium hosted in partnership with CIM on October 9-11 in Sudbury.  

The conference brings together emerging and established mining leaders to foster discussions that will support a more engaged workforce. The goal is to create a working environment where people can take positive action to further their professional advancement and contribute to the growth of the organization as a whole. SHYFTinc is a co-sponsor of the event and the company’s founding President, Trang Tran-Valade, is a member of the executive committee.

The schedule includes surface and underground mine tours, panel discussions, workshops, keynote speakers, and plenty of social opportunities.  Over the course of a couple of days, participants from mines in the Sudbury basin and beyond will strengthen their team building, communication, and leadership skills, which will improve efficiency and employee satisfaction at work.

The mining community is embarking on an exciting transformation and conferences like MECA are creating a more inclusive and welcoming industry that will attract new, young, and tech-savvy talent. SHYFTinc is proud to support employee growth and development, allowing team members to thrive and while achieving successful results.

Learn more about MECA or register for the conference on the symposium website

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