Sudbury-based mining technology company SHYFTinc is pleased to announce that Tyler Samson, P.Eng., MBA, is guiding the company forward as its new president.  

Tyler Samson, P.Eng., MBA, President, SHYFTinc
Tyler Samson, P.Eng., MBA, President, SHYFTinc

Samson, an experienced principal electrical engineer and former manager of mergers and acquisitions at BESTECH, took on the role October 1 and has been working closely with SHYFTinc founding president, Trang Tran-Valade, P.Eng., PMP through the transition.  

SHYFTinc was founded in 2018 as a supplier and developer of innovative technology and services for mining clients. Samson’s mandate is to continue building the company and to foster existing and new client relationships that support international growth.   

“We have strong relationships with three of the world’s top-ten global mining clients, and we’re grateful for their support and feedback on our software and services,” said Samson

Building on the success of NRG1-ECO®

“True innovation requires collaboration and communication, and with the experience we have gained within Canadian mining operations, we’re preparing to offer support and services in South America,”  Samson said he’s building on SHYFTinc’s success with sales of software licenses and support for NRG1-ECO®, an energy optimization and ventilation control solution. 

Samson reports to Marc Boudreau, P.Eng., and SHYFTinc CEO.  

“Tyler is a great choice to move SHYFTinc forward because of his knowledge and expertise in business and in mining. He’s familiar with our products and with the opportunities and challenges that come with industrial innovation. As SHYFTinc continues to develop and implement industry-leading solutions for the mining industry, Tyler will keep quality and innovation at the forefront.”

Marc Boudreau

Tran-Valade remains with BESTECH as director of strategic innovations. She is also developing a new business and leading technology development through ADMMIT®, an innovative system that will optimize the mining supply chain using smart containerization, tracking, software integration, and autonomous vehicles.  

About SHYFTinc

SHYFTinc is an influential and innovative mining technology company. Its mission is to distribute, develop, and integrate leading-edge solutions that transform the mining process. SHYFTinc delivers established and emerging automation and software products and services that make the mining process safer, more productive, and more profitable.

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